Heavy-duty Cattle Handling Systems


Optional Extras


Optional extras include complete electronic weigh system with heavy-duty load bars, a scale base and chute mounts (192 kg), a headtable for de-horning, tagging etc, crash gates, vet gates, and an anti-drop down bar (to prevent cattle kneeling in the crush).

The equipment is so heavy (bison-proof) that bolting down or concreting in is optional. The system can be made portable using either a yoke trailer, a hydraulic trailer with removable draw-bar or by lifting quickly and easily with pallet forks.

Dr Temple Grandin of Colorado University highly recommends the use of the Pearson brand, in particular the "UK spec" model.

Due to the UKs wet climate, the paint finish is superior to the US specification. The standard UK finish is double powder-coated paint, baked twice for a hardened finish. Hot dip galvanized options are also available.

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