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We are the sole importers into the UK and Ireland of Pearsons heavy-duty cattle handling systems, from Nebraska, USA. Built to bison/buffalo standard, they are designed by cattlemen for cattlemen to make a wide range of tasks safer for man and beast.

Having travelled in the USA since the late 1980s, purchasing cattle embryos and semen, when an opportunity arose, I imported the brand of cattle handling equipment I had admired for years, which was far superior to anything available in Europe. The equipment is that safe and easy to use that the thought of ever returning to a standard, non-Squeeze Crush does not bear thinking about. After a couple of friends asked me to import a system for them, I decided to re-design the Squeeze Crush to make it better fit the unique requirements of the UK farmer, namely hazardous “belly trimming”. I first exhibited the system at the Royal Highland Show in June 2005 and have attended a number of shows since, in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire.