Full Cattle Handling Systems

Adjustable Alley (16-30)

Adjustable Alley

The alley width can be adjusted using a screw jack to stop calves turning round. A no-back bar prevents cattle from backing out. Its height can be adjusted and is best set to 6 inches below the top of the tail head of the beasts being handled. An additional aluminium tailgate (like that on the Squeeze Crush) is also available for the back of the alley, to control the flow of cattle entering, which can be controlled from the front of the Squeeze Crush.

Cattle Handling Systems

Forcing Pen

The forcing pen weighs almost a ton (steel sheets, not tin; welded, not pop riveted) and can be set up with the sweep gate swinging off the left or right hand side. The solid sides keep the cattle calm and catwalks are available to make viewing easier. 90 degree out-gates come as standard, for use by personnel or for loading straight into a trailer. All pieces can be flat-packed inside the alley for easy transportation.

Forcing Pen