Portable Solutions


Forklift / loader

The simplest and most cost-effective way to move the Squeeze Crush around is using a loader, with the pallet forks above the base, but below the squeeze sides. If you intend to move the Squeeze Crush frequently, for a small extra charge, pallet fork sleeves can be manufactured into the base (see far right photo).

Yoke Trailer

Yoke trailer

An ingenious design enables the Squeeze Crush to be removed from the yoke trailer and placed down absolutely flush up against the front of the alley, or whatever handling facility is behind the Squeeze Crush. The Squeeze Crush should ideally be loaded and unloaded by two people for better safety. It is tractor-drawn only (for 4x4 use, brakes, mud guards and lights must be fitted).

Hydraulic linear trailer with removable drawbar

Hydraulic linear trailer with removable drawbar

For a full cattle handling system (Squeeze Crush, vet gates, alley, forcing pen or portable panels), hydraulic trailers are available to make transportation easy. The forcing pen (or portable panels) can be packed inside the alley or hung off the sides. Tractor hydraulics lower the trailer down when in position, and the drawbar is removed. Once used, the entire system can be moved to another location.