"Raging Bull" Hydraulic

Designed in collaboration with Pearson Livestock Equipment Inc, Nebraska, the "Raging Bull" Hydraulic Squeeze Crush has all of the original features and access of the previous Pearson "Feedlot" Hydraulic Squeeze Crush, plus:

It is galvanised.

Raging Bull Hydraulic Squeeze Crush

To fit the very largest stock bulls, it squeezes from 33 3/4 inches internal width (the widest on the market) down to 10 inches.

It weighs 1.58 tonnes.

Double T.B. testing access (behind the rear head gate as well as the front head gate).

The head gate does not just catch the beast but actually pulls it into the squeeze crush, making throughput rapid.

Built-in extra elbow/shoulder working room for A.I. technician.

Pallet fork sleeves as standard.

Unparalleled access of the Pearson "Feedlot" further improved with no vertical bars along the whole length of the beast from behind the head gate, giving access from the front of the shoulder and brisket right through to the rear of the beast.

Lower stable door-style split gate now additionally hinged half way across.

The hydraulic neck stretcher / neck extender is designed to give a stable part of the neck for neck vaccinations, T.B. testing, tagging, bolusing, de-horning, etc. In addition, when trimming bellies or fostering on calves, it stops the beast lurching backwards and forwards.

All provided with a power pack and pressure system to run off single phase electric.

Patents pending GB2506376 A and GB 2507371 A